William D. Criddle, PhD

Over 44 years of experience helping individuals, groups, managers and executives solve complex and delicate personal and interpersonal problems.

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Family Businesses have always constituted a significant portion of Bill's practice. Because so many long-standing personal emotions are intertwined with the running of family firms, they often can benefit from the skills of a trained psychologist who also appreciates the business side of running a successful company. With his training in both psychology and business, Bill is well suited to play this unique and important role. He has worked with large, major family owned corporations as well as with small mom and pop businesses.

Bill Criddle brings a unique blend of skills, knowledge and experience to management issues. He has graduate level training in psychology, management and business. He also brings over 44 years of experience helping individuals, groups, managers and executives solve complex and delicate personal and interpersonal problems. He has worked in a number of foreign cultures as well as domestically.

Managerial Psychologist

A very useful and unique set of skills evolve out of this dual background. Not only does he have thorough knowledge of the complexity of human functioning, both individually and in groups, but he is knowledgeable regarding business on both a domestic and international level. He has mac the ability to analyze personal and interpersonal problems, and has developed practical, effective solutions to a variety of management, personnel and organizational problems. Bill has excellent interpersonal skills useful in implementing solutions to complex and delicate issues, working with groups and/or individuals.

Executive Coach

Bill has worked with a wide variety of clients during his many years of professional practice. He has worked as an executive coach in large, international firms including Microsoft, Intel, and the Russell Investment Group. On the other end of the spectrum, he has worked with many small partnerships, start-up firms, and sole proprietorships. He has helped a number of law firms with delicate personnel issues. He has worked in a wide variety of businesses: hi-tech, bio-tech, wholesale distributors, restaurants, medical clinics, financial firms, design firms, construction companies, as well as in the public sector (municipalities, counties) and with non-profits.mac


  • Executive Coaching
  • Assessment Of Personnel Problems
  • Crisis Consulting
  • Management Skill Building
  • Family Business Consulting
  • Working Retreats
Additional Services
  • Communication Training
  • Stress Management
  • Integration of Corporate Cultures
  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling/Consulting
  • Psychotherapy
  • Rational Skills Training
  • Partnership Guidelines and Conflict Resolution
  • Seminars on various management and leadership issues mac

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